What Is Google Domain and What Are Some of Its Features?

Whether you are new to information technology or a veteran, on mentioning of the word internet, the first picture that comes to your mind is that of the giant search engine by the name Google. However, you may be unfamiliar with the term ‘Google Domain.’ You are now wondering, does the term refer to the Google web address? Or is it another name of the Google search options?

You are familiar with domain names, and maybe you own one. But, Google Domain is a vocabulary to you. Worry no more. This article reveals all about this term through explaining what it entails..

Google Domain

If you have heard of Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and Shopify among others, probably you can relate them with domain registration. Similarly, Google Domain is the hand of Google that deals with domain registrations. The site offers you a chance to search for the available domain name, register it or transfer an existing one.

The site aims to help Google users to search, register and easily purchase domain names through partnering with domain registrars. Through this, it becomes possible for Google users to connect with web builders which include Shopify and Wix directly.

Google Domain Features

Like any other registrars, Google domain has several features that make it a preferable option for potential domain owners. Here are some of them:

Email forwarding

One of the needs of a domain owner is developing email addresses that contain part of their domain name. An email address carrying associated with the domain name is not only suitable for marketing your company, but also it helps you to gain the trust from both current and prospective clients.

Google domain offers you an opportunity to create up to 100 email addresses which you can then forward to your existing email accounts. Hence, you can receive all emails sent through any of the 100 emails right in your Gmail inbox. .

Effective integration with top web builders:

  • The next aspect you enjoy through purchasing your site address through Google domain is easiness of setting up your site. Google domain integrates well with top web builders such as Wix, Shopify, Weebly, among others. This means that you start building your site immediately after purchasing a domain name. You do not need to hire a website developer as you can drag and drop features you need on your site.
  • Also, you easily access secure and reliable hosting of your site from Google Domain partners at a reasonable price.e

Reliable support services

The most disappointing moment you can encounter as a website owner is the lack of support when you need it. For instance, you own an online store only to find that it is down. When you try to reach the support team, no one is responding to your queries. With Google Domain, such encounters become historical. The site offers you 24/7 live chat and email support. As such, support services are available at any time you may need them.

Secure, reliable and fast internet connection

Speed and reliability are important aspects to a website owner. The time that a web page takes to load determines the size of the traffic your site will gain. Naturally, people will not spend a lot of time waiting for your site to load. Hence, the faster it loads the better.

When you buy or transfer your domain name to Google Domain, you get an opportunity to share the same server with Google meaning that your site will load at the same speed as Google thus fast and reliable. Also, you enjoy the same level of security as Google site.

All in all, Google Domain is a constituent of Google Company that deals with domain name registration, management and transfers. Through it, you get services like the ones you obtain from any other domain registrar but at a better quality and reliability.

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