Can You Register a Domain Name for Free?

A free domain name would mean that you register for the domain name that you would like and you pay absolutely nothing for it. Not a single cent is needed to pay for the domain name registration or any kind of additional service. Free domain services are usually led out by strong companies that offer free and low cost web services, these services include free website hosting, VPS hosting, low cost domain registration and a lot more.

Thus these companies can pay the cost of free service extending out to other services for a very small or not any fee at all. These free domains are usually advised to be used by small website owners who have just started a website and do not wish to spend much money. There are several free domain providers that are personally tested and have great service.

However free domains are not always how they seem to be. It is vital for a user to make sure that they know who legally owns and controls the domain name. Usually the domain name is always registered under the name of the person with the registry. The owner of the domain has 100% access and control of the domain name and can also manage it or make changes wherever they are needed.

Domain names may be free; however they can get expensive if you choose a domain name that is already being used by someone else. While a person buys a domain name, he/she must make sure that the domain name is under their name. Owners of domains should also make sure that their domain name is registered with a well-known company who has been registering domain names for quite some time.

It is preferable for a person to register with the domain name registrar rather than a web host. If the domain name is registered under the web host, you may have some control over the domain name however, the web host owner can decide to charge you with a fee if he wishes too and there is nothing that you can do about it.

If you do buy a domain name for free, there is a great possibility that you will be charged with the specific charges on your contract in the second year. It is very rare that you would find such a platform that provides you with a free domain name for a lifetime.